A digital first consulting and business improvement company.


We have specific intention with every client, we want to enable the power of your cause.  By thinking bigger and bigger and squeezing out the best of your mission, we design in a collaborative process the very best end user experience.  So much goes into telling a brand’s story, from the first interaction, to the repeat business, to the referral and ambassadors of your company.  Every interaction is a unique opportunity in creating strong relationships with life long customers.

The Process…

Step 1

Collaborative Objectives

The first step when working together is all about discovery.  It is our job to ask questions and learn what makes you unique.

Step 2

To-Market Strategy

The second step when launching a project is planning your market position.  It is our job to present market research on best practices.

Step 3

Design, Develop & Optimize

The third step is where all the creativity and design starts.  It is our job to translate your brand into functioning user experiences.

Our Mission

THIION’s mission is to support business innovation and modernize technology workflow. We do this by providing expert leadership together with custom products and managed services. In partnership with top tech companies led by our core team, THIION deploys one of the most comprehensive to-market strategies. We are a digital first consulting and business improvement company.

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