We are a digital first consulting and business improvement company.

THInk + visION

We have specific intention with every client. We want to enable the power of your cause. By thinking bigger and bigger and squeezing out the best of your mission, we design in a collaborative process the very best end user experience.

So much goes into telling a brand’s story, from the first interaction, to the repeat business, to the referral and ambassadors of your company. Every interaction is a unique opportunity in creating strong relationships with life long customers.

We first educate clients on technology and together we anticipate consumer behavior by designing platforms that are beautiful and engaging with high performance conversion.

Founded By Dan Baruch

Thiion was founded with the idea that businesses need someone who will understand their core values.  This desire to connect to the unique brand has helped a diverse group of individuals and companies establish a digital presence.

‘Great projects have something new or unique to offer customers. Therefore there is immense value in having people who can learn the landscape, understand the company’s vision and bring products to market. People who have the skill set to connect the dots and grow with the work.’

THIION’s mission is to ignite business innovation and technology integration.

We do this by providing expert leadership together with custom products and managed services. In partnership with top tech companies, Thiion deploys one of the most comprehensive to-market strategies. We are a digital first consulting and business improvement company.

info@thiion.com  #612-382-8594