No, Not Every Company Is A Media Company

Just because a self-proclaimed marketing/branding/media guru-expert says so doesn’t make it fact. Sure these guys have big followings (and so do Instagram girls, just a different flavor of mindless stimulation), but that’s because they are followed by people who don’t know any better. So because Amazon and Netflix got into the production game, and now apple and the rest will follow doesn’t mean you, a (fill-in-the-blank) company are a media company. That … Keep Reading

How To Use Custom Taxonomies with Pods & GeneratePress

THIS POST IS NOT COMPLETE. SUBSCRIBE TO GET THE FINISHED POST ASAP! Things you will need: Pods GeneratePress Things you may want (to extend this concept): Elementor PopUp Maker WPFront Notification Bar Skill Level: Intermediate The Code You Need: 1 2 3 <?php if ( has_term( ‘welcome-header’, ‘navigation_layer’ ) ) : ?>     <div>After Header</div> <?php endif; ?> Introduction: So for this tutorial I assume you are wondering how to use custom taxonomies … Keep Reading