Message from Dan Baruch

I treat every project as a partnership and an investment in a companies long-term success, like any founder is within their own startup.

Great projects have something new or unique to offer customers. Therefore there is immense value in having people who can learn the landscape, understand the company's vision and bring products to market. People who have the skill set to connect the dots and grow with the work. Having the mindset of repeating and porting from the past is not innovation, and success is created with innovation.

I have spent my career with startups, and small to medium-sized businesses being a one-man Digital First Consulting and Business Improvement Company. I would like to explain what that means to me and how it is benefiting GlobeLink, and to convey some of my passions and interests in business, technology, and creating awesome modern digital platforms.

In my experience consulting I have found that companies and business owners are unaware of new technologies in the marketplace which would provide amazing benefits for them. Generally, an AML specialist is not up-to-date with the latest project management tools, analytics software or UX trends. But when companies implement modern platforms the business thrives. It simplifies the lives of all involved, making them more productive and they enjoy the work in a new way.

In studying and partnering with companies, I have gathered a vast knowledge of best practices that we can implement into our own day to day business and consumer products and services.

In the past few months leading to this point, I have been helping to clarify how the i2c platform, third-party mobile wallets and banking can all work seamlessly together. Also with Diversified (Scott), we have begun developing a new website and brand identity which will later be the foundation of multiple business channels, helping to position GlobeLink in the market with the proper messaging for rapid consumer adoption.

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Webmaster / Search / Structured Data
Content Marketing & Social
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

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